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At, Ascension Wellness, we accept the following insurance as well as car insurance and worker's comp:

In Network:

  • Regence

  • Aetna

Contracted Regence or Aetna rates will be accepted and any co-pays or co-insurance are due at the time of treatment.

Out of Network:

  • Premera

  • Group Health

  • First Choice

  • United

Ascension Wellness charges a flat $120  per hour treatment rate. It is the client's responsibility to pay any outstanding balance not covered by insurance. 

Referrals / Prescriptions

Ascension Wellness requires all insurance patients to fax a medical referral to our office at (206) 592-2887 prior to their first appointment. Treatment frequency and number of visits will be determined based on medical necessity, by following the the medical treatment plan and at times, preauthorization from insurance companies. 

Some insurance plans state that referrals or prescriptions are not necessary for massage therapy. However, massage therapists can not diagnose and still need to have a current medical diagnosis from a chiropractor, naturopath or medical doctor in order to bill for massage and to show medical necessity. The easiest way to get this diagnosis is to request a referral or prescription from your primary care provider. Ascension Wellness works closely with many medical professionals in the area. If you need a recommendation for a reputable doctor in the area, feel free to contact Ascension Wellness or look at our Wellness Partners page.

Ascension Wellness also offers complementary insurance benefits checks. Call (206) 878-WELL to find out more information. In order to verify insurance, Ascension Wellness will need the following information:

  • Patient full name

  • Date of birth

  • Name of insurance company

  • Contact number for insurance company

  • Insurance ID number

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