What is your favorite population to work with?

One of my favorite populations to work with is postpartum moms. Childbirth and the stresses of breastfeeding and caring for a small child can contribute to stress, and chronic pain for new moms. Examples are:

 -chronic low back pain after an epidural

-chronic tailbone pain after labor

-numbness and tingling in the hands

-sore arms from carrying the baby 

-sore neck and shoulders from nursing, cosleeping or babywearing

New mothers go through a lot AND they can benefit greatly from massage, for a chance to be nurtured, to actually feel taken care of after many sleepless days and nights caring for someone else.  

A massage is the best thing to do for themselves to recharge, get some long overdue rest and pain relief.  

I have advanced training in prenatal and postpartum massage, was certified in bodywork for the childbearing year. Schedule your postpartum massage today!